Strength of Wood/Plastic Composite Materials

1.  The products have a processing property same as logs, which may be nailed, drilled,

     shaved and pasted, with a fine and smooth surface. It needs no sanding and painting,

     carrying a superior painting adhesive quality, which may be painted as personal

    preference as well.

2.  The products have no flaws that timbers may naturally have, including crazing,

     warping and poor color, which therefore need no regular maintenance.

3.  The products boast superior bending property, applies to indoor decoration.

4.  The products boast unique technique, which may meet various specification,

     dimension, shapes and consistency, and may provide finished products with

     various designs, colors and wood grain, reduce later stage expenses and

     processing cost, providing customers more choices.  

5.  The products are fireproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, damp-prevention,

     insect-resistance, fungi-resistance, alkali-resistance, nontoxic and pollution-free. 

6.  The products have long use-life, may be multi-reused, averagely five times longer

     than ordinary wood in using and boast lower using cost, which may be thermal

    forming, reprocessed, highly intensive and energy saving.

7.  The products are featured in strong quality, light weight, heat preservation, and

     smooth and trim surface, contain no formaldehyde and other harmful materials,

     nontoxic and pollution-free.

8.  With better forming capability, may be made as bigger size and sophisticated shape,

     which may be widely used in indoor and outdoor decoration, building construction

     and public garden design.



Wood/plastic composites 

Traditional wood

Environmental effect

Row-material saving, recyclable

Destroy environment, low utilization rate

Stable effect

Stable dimension

Distortion after long-term using

Outlook maintenance

 Easy to clean and maintain

Difficult to maintain



Easy mildening and rotting


Waterproof, distortion-resistance

 Water absorbing and distortion


 Insect resistance

 Easy insect


prevent self-burning and support-burning, can selfQextinguishing

Easy burning and support-burning

Noise insulation effect

 Fine noise-insulation effect

Poor noise-insulation effect

Later processing

Require no painting and polishing

Require painting and polishing


Rich color and complete specification

Poor color and specification variation


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